The Queen was not amused

Today was movie monday -it’s been a while since I was in the cinema. So we were going to see “The Queen” in a small cinema called Abaton. Abaton is a place to see the more ambitious film works. It’s situated near the university and also shows films in English language (with German subtitle). That’s why we watched the movie there and not elsewhere.
The movie was nice but a bit limited to Diana. Hellen Mirren is an Oscar favourite, though.
Afterwards we went to Jenny’s and ordered something from an Indian fast-food-take-away service. I don’t like the food much and I only ate half of my meal. We watched two older episodes of Gilmour Girls, deciding against Desperate Housewives which Bettina and I are not great fans of.
Jenny sort of half-accused me for not writing a story so I did start one late in the evening. “Weisheit” (Wisdom) is inspired by a “Club Wortwechsel” topic and it’s neither a parody nor something about Japan, so it’s something new for me ;).

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