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Art Aquarium in Fukuoka

Over 2.5 million visitors across Japan have seen the special exhibition Art Aquarium which features goldfishes in small and big tanks illuminated with changing lights. I have been to the exhibition two years ago when it started in Tokyo. The exhibition is now in Fukuoka and in Osaka. The Osaka exhibition’s tanks vary from the ones shown here.

Japanese people love good illumination shows as can be seen every year in December. The Art Aquarium features both video projections and lighting, with the latter changing color after a few seconds. Thus you can see every tank in different colors.

The tanks itself are also impressive. The exhibition starts with a few smaller tanks which can only be enjoyed if you knee down. Different breeds of goldfish swim in the tanks and while the smaller ones only house a couple of fishes, the biggest contains almost one thousand! Lighting changes between seven colors.

Art Aquarium

Some of the works combine aquariums with Japanese motives such as the four distinctive seasons.

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Fukuoka – Apple Store Tenjin

After 11pm most people who want to return home and not spend the whole night singing karaoke hurry to catch their bus, subway or train. I had finished watching the first part of Gantz which was a fine action movie with impressive special effects.

My hostel was in the Hakata area (near JR Hakata Station) and I opted to walk instead of taking the subway.

Apple Store  Fukuoka  02

I came across the Apple Store Tenjin, which looks just like any other Apple Store. They had the MacBook Air on display and I remembered the articles about the Air actually floating thanks to a small balloon.

There were some who believed the original YouTube video was no hoax although people who went to check the story at their local Apple Store quickly found out that the video just used the right angle to make the wires less obvious. So the MacBook Air is not floating. Not even the balloon is floating. Even if it were possible Apple wouldn’t do it because of security reasons – just imagine a notebook floating through the store, hitting every customer on its way!


Apple Store  Fukuoka  04

Fukuoka – Atago Shrine Cherry Blossom

Atago Shrine  Fukuoka  02
Atago Shrine is along with Ohori Park one of Fukuoka’s most popular cherry blossom and autumn foliage spots. At 68 meters above sea level, it offers also a view over Hakata Bay. So there are at least two reasons to visit the shrine during cherry blossom seasons.

Atago Shrine  Fukuoka  21

That season is always a gamble unless you celebrate it in or near the town you’re staying. There was snow in March which delayed the opening of the flowers. Snow and rain won’t destroy the flowers – they are only fragile when they are in full bloom.

Atago Shrine  Fukuoka  19

On the way to the shrine, I also visited a small buddhist temple which had some cherry blossom trees. Atago Shrine isn’t big, but belongs to the important Atago Shrines in Japan. It’s also likely the cheapest view you can get of Hakata Bay. Read the rest of this entry

Ferry between Busan and Fukuoka

Ferry Busan Fukuoka  08

Fukuoka is closer to Busan than to Tokyo and my plan for the school holiday was to combine a trip to Busan with one in Fukuoka. When I stayed at the Zen Backpacker hostel, I told the owner that I plan to go to Fukuoka. He then asked me if I had a ticket. Since the online reservation system still showed many free seats, I told him that I’ll buy it at the port. Then he made a call and found out that there were only two seats left. Oops.

When I arrived at the Busan International Ferry Terminal, it didn’t look that crowded. Similar to a plane, you need to be at least there one hour before departure for the check-in. There may be additional taxes on both ferry terminals for fuel and whatever fees the creative people in Japan and Korea can think of. While there is supposedly a weight limit for you baggage, I’ve never seen them putting anyone’s luggage on a scale. In fact, they don’t even have a scale at both terminals. You just carry your luggage onto the ship.
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Ohori Park in Fukuoka

Ohori Park

Ohori Park is a western-style park in Fukuoka which contains a lake, a Japanese garden and an art museum. It’s very accessible by public transport (Ohori Koen station via the Kuko(airport) line) and one of Fukuoka’s popular cherry blossom spots. There are three lanes around the lake, separating bicyclists from joggers and people who are just taking a walk. It’s a wonderful place – not big like Ueno Park in Tokyo, but big enough to spend a few hours there.

A Starbucks is located in the park. I didn’t arrive early enough to go to the Japanese garden. Entrance to Ohori Park is free, for the Japanese garden you have to pay 240 yen (open until 5pm).

Ohori Park sunset