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Tokyo Midtown Waterworks 2010

Tokyo Midtown has a variety of events and for some of them, the nearby park is used. It has one of the best christmas illumination of Tokyo and the waterworks seem to be an annual event too. Today was the first time I watched this combination of lights, lasers and lots of water. Of course they marked the splash zone – the zone where you can expect to get very wet – and this zone naturally seemed to attract all the kids and their parents. Although I was sitting in the safe zone, the water did reach me and my camera but we both survived it 😉

This is the video I shot, Midtown Waterworks will be held until August 29th (Sunday).


Roppongi Hills and Midtown illumination

Most illumination events end tomorrow so I just had to go for another photo trip. The list provided in the “Divable Tokyo” group on Facebook certainly helped 🙂

Roppongi has two illumination events to offer, one near Roppongi Hills and the other near Tokyo Midtown. First I went to the Midtown one where one could see this thing:


It changed colours which was accompanied by “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s from the people watching the event.

Much more impressive was the rest: There were animated trees and a big field illuminated with little blue lights. Sometimes white lights would flare up, setting this sea of light into motion. Impressive, most impressive!


Just on the other side of the street was a good opportunity to see the current Japanese cellphones: A stylized christmas tree with lots of glitter, sound effects and light changes which most people only saw through the display of their mobile (me included).


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300 Yen Sayonara meeting

Very tasty soups on the menu.

Lots of Sayonaras (good byes) these days and in the evening I joined with Kelly and Kevin for the last meetup of the infamous non-violent “300 yen bar gang”. Everytime we met it was just the three of us. I guess the others were simply too busy. Well, Kevin had to return to the U.S. and I to Germany. We met at the Almond Confectionery Shop in Roppongi and went to eat something at one of Kelly’s favourite places and afterwards to the Cavern which is a bar advertising itself as having “200 kinds of world beer”. We chatted a lot and maybe Kevin is coming back to Japan in the future – I heard that they are still looking for English teachers 😉

The Tsuitachi Movie Night: Spider-Man 3

The Spider

In the evening it was time for the first meetup group. This meetup was organised via a special website where people can volunteer to do a special events such as running three times around Tokyo tower. Others may join in and in the end you have a lot of people in jail because fifty people running around the tower just looked too strange for the police.

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