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Sitting Snow Woman and other Snow Creatures in Tokyo

snow people of Tokyo
Snow is rare in Tokyo and if it snows it usually doesn’t stay long before it melts. So if it snows, hurry up, build your snowmen and take shots of your favorite places! If you have too much time on your hand, you may explore your inner snow sculpture master and build snow creatures such as the ones above.

The three pictures were posted to Twitter. The top one shows a snow man sitting cross-legged on a bench and was shot by kakko-shima. The body appears very smooth and except for the face, this work looks quite professional. kakko-shima also posted a photo showing what’s left of the snowman.

The bottom left one is even more impressive since the snow woman (man?) isn’t supported on the back. Looking around the snow around her, collecting enough snow alone must’ve taken a while. This picture was posted by Haruka Miyafusa (@tomatel), presumably near Hitotsubashi University in Kunitachi.

The third one is a clever play with perspective. It looks as if it is standing, while the snow has just been put against the wall. kinsama took this picture. It’s not clear where it was, except near his/her company.

The more common snow creatures look a bit different… Read the rest of this entry


Illumination of Hakodate’s historic Motomachi district

Motomachi Park
Hakodate was the first port to be opened to foreign trade after Japan was forced to give up its isolation. Just like Yokohama, Hakodate has a Motomachi district where foreign traders or diplomats settled. Therefore this district has many foreign-looking houses and churches. I’ve been to the former foreign residential areas of Kobe and Yokohama before, so I was curious to compare them to Hakodate’s.

This city is amazingly convenient for travellers, because of the close proximity of Motomachi district, Mount Hakodate and the Red Brick Warehouses. Originally I wanted to go to Mount Hakodate, however with heavy snow fall sight wasn’t good enough. Even at Motomachi I had to wait for the short periods when there was a bit less snow.


Interestingly, there are a various places of worship almost next to each other such as the Higashi Honganji Temple and the Russian Orthodox Church. All buildings were closed however and few people were outside at that time (8pm). I guess most who were outside were at the Red Brick Warehouses.

Hokkaido Prefectural Government's Old Branch Office

The building above is the Hokkaido Prefectural Government’s Old Branch Office. It was first built in 1909 and then renovated in 1982, when the park around it was also constructed. Today, the first floor serves as the Motomachi Tourist Information while the second floor is a museum about Hakodate City.

Parts of this park were nicely illuminated. Read the rest of this entry

Winter in Sapporo

P1160065There is rarely snow in Tokyo. Winters are dry and not as cold as in Seoul. Usually when it snowed it ended up as a snow mud and never lasted more than a few days. I still took many snow pictures however. Still, I would say that I experienced my first Japanese winter here in Sapporo!

On the day I arrived, the streets and sidewalks were already covered in snow. The streets were very slippery and even the locals had trouble going from one side to the other. Between Sapporo and Tokyo there is a temperature difference of about 10 degrees celsius.


Obviously people living in Sapporo are well prepared for the season and while it was cold, there was no chilly wind. So I was fine in my layered clothes during my stay. Read the rest of this entry

Night full of snow in Nakano

Nakano in Snow 07
There is very few snow here in Tokyo, so naturally I take many photos whenever it snows. At 11pm there was snow-rain outside and I decided to just walk from my apartment to the next convenience store. Combined with the right music, it can look scary in motion. On the black/white photos I took with my Harinezumi, the snow/rain looks like strokes.

The next day, there was mostly mud on the streets but at nearby Heiwanomori Park it looked like real snow!

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Toy camera impressions: Train to to Hameln


Impressions of Germany, covered in snow during a train trip to Hameln (Hamelin)


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Snow! (this time for real)

No Photoshop, just creative usage of an umbrella 😉

Ok, so the first snow day wasn’t that impressive and I only had my Keitai camera with me. But today came some heavy snow and I decided to grab my Konica and head out to photograph Arai, Nakano ward in snow. Even the snow doesn’t change that the channel looks ugly. Maybe it will grow into a river someday, sometime after the next ice age.

But the park looked really nice, especially this one traditional house with a snow cap.


I continued my walk to Seibu-Shinjuku Numabukuro Station, which I used for a while to get to school. However, switching to a JR-only commuter pass and walking to JR Nakano meant paying less for the commuters’ pass so I don’t use Numabukuro Station that often anymore.


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