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Bremen – Pixel trip

When I last visited Bremen, I wanted to visit the Universum Science Center. Unfortunately I only had a very bad digital camera (think about digi-zoom only, 2.1 megapixel) because I lent my better camera to my best friend (which I don’t regret because she travelled to a foreign country). So today it was the time for another sightseeing trip to Bremen, equipped with my best camera and my video camera as well. There is an exhibition at the Kunsthalle about early computer graphics (before 1980) which I definitely wanted to see.
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Bremen 2005

Bremen 2005 24
Today I went to the Universum Science Center in Bremen. The science museum encourages interaction with the exhibits and is next to the University of Bremen.

After the I went to the central city to explore Bremen and also to find the Town Musicians of Bremen. This turned out to be harder than expected as the statue is not very tall.

Below is Bremen’s Roland, a 5.5 meter tall statue. Together with the town hall, the statue was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The statue was erected in 1404.
Bremen 2005 27