Museum der Arbeit

Because the trains still have delays and the weather seemed quite bad, we cancelled the trip to Rostock (or Wolfsburg). However, that didn’t mean that a little excursion was impossible. After I lifted my case three floors up to my mother’s flat (it was a bit heavy due to a few folders) we decided to visit the Museum der Arbeit which I always wanted to see. The weather was so-so and a bit on the windy side. Museum der Arbeit is located near the subway station Barmbek. It consists of two separated exhibition halls, a restaurant and a few exhibitions outside like TRUDE (a tunnel boring machine).


The first hall has three floors (the fourth one was closed temporarily). The various things shown there illustrated how work was at the beginning of the Industrial Age. One thing that is special about the museum is that they offer the chance to try out a few machines by appointment. This is usually used by school classes.

The other exhibition hall has just a ground floor and is used for temporary exhibitions. Currently they show everything about rubber (no, not condomes). It was a nice exhibition but I wasn’t overly impressed.


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