Toys toys

Sushi USB sticks

Today I spent some time in Akihabara, the “Electric town”. There is a new toy shop near the train station which sells all kind of Ghibli merchandising, anime figures and some small kitchen/house stuff. The latter one would be cool for a new stop-motion film but I don’t want to buy things before I write the script. One thing that could be very handy is the Star Wars light saber. I could definetely use one during the morning rush train ride from Tabata to Shibuya but then I do use the back of some unknown Japanese to read my books during the train ride. Therefore I may need this rush hour scramble after all! 😀

The USB trigger

Talking about toys, in another shop they had a whole sushi menu on display as USB sticks. A bit more militaristic were the various USB cannons with sound effects. I especially liked the USB trigger. I’m not sure what it does but I guess it could make the airport staff quite nervous.  Last but not least I found a Famicom (NES) clone. One of zillions known in existance, I would really love to know who invented the name “Famizero”. So is it worse than the original famicom? And what are the two additional fire buttons good for if the original only had two?


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