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Tokyo Movie Meet-up: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Toho Cinemas

After a long time, I could finally make it to another movie meet-up, thus saving the latest Mission Impossible flic from its fate of being seen on the small screen. This was also the first time of me being to the new TOHO Cinema in Shinjuku. The new one is a proper multiplex cinema with big screens, IMAX and great sound systems and has become the prime location for the meet-up group – previously, a cinema in Kawasaki was used for IMAX screenings.
Unlike with some other films, Japan didn’t have to wait several months to see the fifth installment in the Mission Impossible franchise. Rogue Nation is as good as the previous one with plenty of action and a good piece of humor, something that’s amiss from the current James Bond films. In that way, I like the MI movie more than the latest JB ones.
The last movie I watched at the old TOHO was an obscure Korean movie shown with Japanese subtitles. The new one is of course all about the blockbusters and current Japanse films. Mission Impossible is obviously one of those films best enjoyed on the big screen. The best part about the new TOHO – besides the upgraded tech – is the building: There is a big Godzilla on top of the building, threatening to eat Tom Cruise. Eight years ago me and my friends were having a little late night competition trying to get the best angles to make the little Godzilla statue look more threatening. Well now Tokyo has finally the Godzilla statues it deserves and needs right now!
If you have never been to a Japanese movie theatre before: Foreign films are usually not dubbed except for kid’s movies.



“Ihr Deutsch ist sehr gut!”

I guess these are the first words in German language on this blog. They translate to “You speak German very well!”. What made this sentence strange is that I was at the receiving end of it! How come? I booked my last big trip for this year’s vacation and I sat next to an elderly man who curiously looked at my Japanese books.

So then he started talking and after talking with me for a while, he said “Ihr Deutsch ist sehr gut!”.

Um, thank you?

Of course he intended it as a compliment especially for not having a foreign accent. Phew, I guess that avoiding a lengthy stay in a Japanese village and avoiding dancing with wolves paid off 🙂

Pre-movie talk

One of the programs I seldom use is Skype. It’s not a bad program but it makes more sense if you’ve got some people to talk to 😉 Today the program came in very handy because I had asked Wye-Khe, mastermind and organizer of the Tokyo Movie Lovers meetup group if we could use Skype instead of the normal phone. It’s not only cheaper but it’s actually more convenient since someone in this area thought that putting a pay phone near a busy street is a splendid idea. Wye-Khe is a cool guy and has a Yen for movies of all kinds – he even has some knowledge of German cinema (probably more than I have).
Still I’m very excited to see Spiderman 3 on the 1st of May. The first day of each month is the day when movie tickets are cheaper.

The passport photo machine

I still need a few things for school, like, a school uniform 😉 Nah, one of the things I should bring with me are five passport photos which shouldn’t be too old. In the chaos before my departure I forgot to make them (which isn’t very hard since many train stations in Hamburg have a photo machine or two). Luckily, I found one in the neighbour ward (Kita-ku). There was a single sentence in English on the machine’s front saying something like “you need photos for your alien registration card”. ‘though a drawing would be way cooler, hehe ;-). Obviously the machine itself spoke no English but the illustrations were pretty obvious. Still, I sat there hoping that I didn’t choose the wrong option.
After receiving my photos I walked to the supermarket. Although there are more shops closed on Sunday, the supermarkets (and the Conbinis) are open. There were more people shopping today but I managed to find a few neccessities (like my low-fat milk, I cannot survive breakfast without milk).
The internet was offline for a few hours. It always goes off at the wrong time, I suppose. It started working again at 8 pm so I can update my blog again.
Tomorrow is the talk with the school, exciting exciting!

Rank Oukoku

In the night I watched Rank Oukoku a strange ranking show where they ask several Japanese women various questions. The chart show is a mixture of normal (like best-selling Manga) and not-so-normal (“A female worker for cabaret club”) charts. The hosts are a young woman and a CGI character.