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Night walk in Nakano and Don Quijote at 2am

Nakano Night Walk 1  Tokyo  14
Don Quijote is infamous for being a crammed shop that sells almost anything. Need a new bike, 2kg rice, sex toys, the latest Arashi CD and a bunny costume? No problem, it’s all available at Don Quijote. Besides being infamous, the store is famous for having long opening hours. So I thought why not drop by at 2am?

The Don Quijote near Nakano Station is open until 5am. So if you wake up at 4 thinking “I don’t have any clean underwear!” – no problem, just go to Don Quijote. The opening hours are well past the ones of the Nakano Broadway shopping mall which some compare to geek mecca Akihabara because it has a Mandarake store. Mandarake sells all kinds of anime and manga related merchandise.

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The view from Busan Tower [Korea]

Busan Tower

I’ve been to Busan at least five times and not once did I go up the Busan Tower. The tower was opened in 1973 and is a 120m tall structure at Yongdusan Park. It is – just like Seoul’s Namsan Tower – a popular place for couples watching the city lights at night. Yongdusan Park is one many tourist destinations for which the city of Busan offers free wi-fi. You just need to confirm your session on your devices web browser.

At the park you’ll find a traditional-style Korean bell, a 12m statue of General Yi Sunshin, a stone bust of independence activist An Huije and a flower clock. Entrance to the park is free and it’s just a ten minute walk from Nampodong Station exit 1. Nampodong is the area of the annual Busan International Film Festival and should be visited in the evening.

Busan Tower

Except for one stair case, you can take the escalator up Yongdusan. Go up another stair case to get to the tower. Up there is also a convenience store and the view is even better than from the base of the park. Now you could go to the Busan Tower… Read the rest of this entry

Senso-ji at Night (Asakusa Kannon Temple)

I recommend coming to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa at least twice: in the afternoon and in the evening. Due to the merchant street it is probably the busiest temple in Tokyo. At night you can take a relaxed stroll over the temple area and admire the illuminated buildings of the temple.

The temple is an open area, so there is no closing date. I could see a few tourists as well some locals there. Some preferred to pray in the evening since Senso-ji is not actually a very quiet place in the morning. Read the rest of this entry

Yokohama Night Impressions

After visiting the iPhone Case Exihibition in the Red Brick Warehouses I took some time to record night impressions of Yokohama. This has been the second city I visited when I first came to Japan.

Night walk in Nogata


Not the usual photo walk, but it works: Leave your home in the evening/night, select a street and then just walk it down all the way. It could be more interesting in one city than the other and in some countries it might be downright dangerous. But I feel very safe in Tokyo and the city is still very much alive at 10 pm, even in Nakano.

So I was walking down this street, passing shops, an antique clock, super markets which were still open and many other things that looked interesting.

More photos after the jump.

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