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300 Yen Sayonara meeting

Very tasty soups on the menu.

Lots of Sayonaras (good byes) these days and in the evening I joined with Kelly and Kevin for the last meetup of the infamous non-violent “300 yen bar gang”. Everytime we met it was just the three of us. I guess the others were simply too busy. Well, Kevin had to return to the U.S. and I to Germany. We met at the Almond Confectionery Shop in Roppongi and went to eat something at one of Kelly’s favourite places and afterwards to the Cavern which is a bar advertising itself as having “200 kinds of world beer”. We chatted a lot and maybe Kevin is coming back to Japan in the future – I heard that they are still looking for English teachers 😉


About lost things

what-the-dickens-03.jpg Woohoo, time for another meetup. It seems that the only things I’m doing in Tokyo are going to school, working and meeting other people. There are not an awful lot of meetup groups and some cannot be easily distinguished, like the “New Friends Meetup”. It’s a group of Japanese and foreigners alike who are looking for some new friends or just want to spend some good time – which is basically the reason for almost every meetup group.

A new group, a new meeting place: The pub “What the Dickens” with live music. The guy on stage and his band were great. He did punkrock songs and it was quite difficult to take a proper picture of him (I guess he was more than annoyed of all those flashlights in the room). I talked with a few people which I had already met at the vegan meetup and later with some Japanese women whose names I already forgot (gomen nasai). I spent three hours in the pub and left at 11.30 with George and Ray.
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The Vegan Meetup


The day was far from over, however. I did go back to my apartment but I could only spend a few minutes there because it was time for the Vegan Meetup group. The meetup gathered near Kinshicho Station in a restaurant selling various vegetarian and vegan dishes. There were various street musicians playing outside and I had difficulties finding the place (the landmark points were not overly helpfull).

The people at the meetup were very international. The organizer (George) is from the U.S., various Japanese, an Indian and some other nationalities. Being late, I found a place at the end of the long table, sitting next to two Japanese who are part of a band. There was an introduction round where everyone had to tell his/her reason for being a vegetarian. As it turned out, we had an impostor among us: Ray, who is a carnivore (that word sounds quite barbaric, don’t you think?). Of course he had a hard time afterwards, but he’s alright and it’s not like a group of vegetarians/vegans keeps talking about salads and tofu for hours.
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The 300 Yen bar gang

At Shinagawa station, a few of us dicussed about going somewhere after the hiking. I think it was Kelly who suggested the 300 Yen Bar. This particulary bar in Ginza sells everything (soft drinks, alcohol, snacks) for 300 Yen. It is a standing bar and you have to buy at least two tickets which you can then swap against something from the menu. The five of us were the only customers at that time, but that quickly changed and by the time we left, the bar was full. The bar is not very big but there is a DJ, a remarkable example of “Engrish” near the restroom and a good menu. Each one of us ordered a snack which we shared to get a taste of everything (ok, there some more things on the menu)

We talked about going to the Design Festa together – since everyone of us got at least two tickets for free, why not? Might be fun 🙂