Oktoberfest in Japan

German Fest  Tokyo  04
The Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world and over 200 years old. I’ve never been there but many foreigners travel to Germany each year just to get drunk. Like christmas markets, the Oktoberfest has been exported to many countries. Of course, Japan is among them!

The Japanese Oktoberfest is only ten years old and is held in seven locations this year:
Odaiba: 4/27-5/6
Hibiya Park: 5/18-5/27
Sendai: 6/15-6/24
Shiba: 8/17-8/26
Toyosu: 8/31-9/9
Kobe: 9/14-9/23
Nagasaki: 9/14-9/23

A bit Tokyo-centric, isn’t it? However, these are just the Oktoberfests announced on october-fest.jp (Japanese only). There’s another one in Yokohama which is usually held annually in October, but will be held in spring this year as well (4/27-5/7).

Video and photo are from the German Fest 2007 at Hibiya Park. As far as beer festivals go I don’t expect a huge change. The original starts on September 22.

I don’t like beer very much, so I will skip all of them! 😛


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