Sitting Snow Woman and other Snow Creatures in Tokyo

snow people of Tokyo
Snow is rare in Tokyo and if it snows it usually doesn’t stay long before it melts. So if it snows, hurry up, build your snowmen and take shots of your favorite places! If you have too much time on your hand, you may explore your inner snow sculpture master and build snow creatures such as the ones above.

The three pictures were posted to Twitter. The top one shows a snow man sitting cross-legged on a bench and was shot by kakko-shima. The body appears very smooth and except for the face, this work looks quite professional. kakko-shima also posted a photo showing what’s left of the snowman.

The bottom left one is even more impressive since the snow woman (man?) isn’t supported on the back. Looking around the snow around her, collecting enough snow alone must’ve taken a while. This picture was posted by Haruka Miyafusa (@tomatel), presumably near Hitotsubashi University in Kunitachi.

The third one is a clever play with perspective. It looks as if it is standing, while the snow has just been put against the wall. kinsama took this picture. It’s not clear where it was, except near his/her company.

The more common snow creatures look a bit different…On, Japanese Twitter users are collecting pictures of their snow creations. Usually it’s small snow men and towers – Tokyo is not Sapporo where you can already build impressive snow men in December.

This is an older picture I took in February 2008 of some snow thing in Shinjuku:

JLPT Shopping 2

If you want to see truly surreal snow creatures, you should travel to Mount Zao in Yamagata prefecture. There are various ski resorts and spas around the region, but it’s most famous for the snow monsters, trees which are covered by ice and snow:

Zao Snow Monster(Photo by Eryn Vorn on Flickr. License: Creative Commons 2.0-BY)

There are many more pictures of the ice monsters on the web obviously. In Japanese these trees are called 樹氷 (Juhyou, 樹: tree, 氷: ice).

Later this year, you may want to travel to the Japanese Alps to experience the snow roads. The snow can reach 20 meters during winter. It becomes a tourist destination when they start clearing the road, thus creating a snow canyons (Yuki no otani). The road is closed during winter and re-opened in mid-April, the corridor lasts until end of May.

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