Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  28
The zoo of Sapporo is in Maruyama Park near the station of the same name. Maruyama has both local and foreign animals and since many of the latter ones aren’t accustomed to the cold temperatures, the zoo has a large number of houses where they are kept.

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  17

One of the local species is the Japanese macaques. They probably had the largest space of all species. Of course the most famous sight is seeing them in the wild, warming themselves up in a hot spring.

Tigers, lions, hyenas, giraffes, snow leopards and other animals were kept in small cages. I’ve not been to this zoo in the summer so I’m not sure whether some or all of them can go outside.

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  34

Of course, they have penguins as well 🙂Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  55

It’s not possible to see them underwater and their pool isn’t deep enough anyway. The zoo only has Humboldt Penguins.

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  59

The last two species I saw where wolves and and bears (or rather: bear).

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  65

Except for showing some local animals, this zoo is nothing special and reminded me of Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo (which is not a good thing).

Maruyama Zoo  Sapporo  38

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