At the hair stylist

IMG 4630

Although I didn’t plan to go to a hair stylist today, I just decided that I feel like it. Metropolis magazine contains various ads of hair stylists who were trained in foreign countries and can speak English. Although I try to speak only Japanese it’s good to have English as a fallback.

These hair stylists aren’t cheap however. Today I payed about 9300 Yen for coloring – ouch! I have long hair of course and it was probably washed a dozen times. You will never feel so clean as after leaving a Japanese hair salon. They also do an extensive scalp massage and in the case of the stylist I went to, Nepenji in Ebisu, a real massage (shoulders and neck) too.

Of course they also have a point card, which in the case of Nepenji works more like a membership. If you go there at least twice a year, it’s worth the fee.

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