Kameido Tenjin Taisai (Summer festival)

Kameido Tenjin Taisai
This is the Summer festival of the Kameido Tenjin shrine and is held annually. I wasn’t interested in the Mikoshi parade, because I’ve already seen plenty of those. What I was interested in were the lanterns which are lit up around the shrine in the evening.

There are 1100 lanterns, although not all were lit up for some reason. A Shinto dance is performed on stage.

Kameido Tenjin Taisai

As this festival was different from the other festivals this month, I enjoyed this matsuri very much.

The shrine is near Kameido Station on the JR Sobu Line. From the station it’s a 15 minute walk.

Kameido Tenjin Taisai

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