Todoroki Valley

Todoroki Valley

Just leaving the train station and looking around, many places seem to look the same. But Tokyo is full of hidden gems and one of them is Todoroki Valley.

The valley is in Setagaya ward and you wouldn’t expect such a place once you step out Todoroki Station (Tokyo Oimachi Line). After walking about three minutes you will reach the staircase that leads down to Todoroki Valley. There’s a walking trail alongside a stream and at the end you will see a path for Todoroki Fudo Temple.

The temple, however, is not the highlight of the valley.

Todoroki Valley

It’s a place that makes you forget that your still in the most populous city of Japan, taking the steps down to the valley feels like entering another world. Despite the path, banks and bridges, the place retains its wild character. It’s not a long walk (about one kilometer) and the surrounding area is not particularly exciting but if you’re like me and done with all the tourist-y places or you want to visit a place that’s rarely visited by tourists, Todoroki Valley is for you.

Todoroki Valley


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