Study Hard 2.0

Finishing level 2 is like a run on top of the hill at the Naganuma park.

Yesterday, a voice announced the beginning of the application period for the preparation courses. Naganuma, like various other Japanese language schools, offers additional courses from time to time. Imagine them like expensive seasonal side dishes.

And wow what tasty side dishes they had – JLPT, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and some others. Many use Naganuma as a starting point to later enter university. While the school is quite well known, the graduation paper alone will probably get you nowhere. Because there are always more tests to take, exams to write.

I signed up today for the JLPT preparatory classes. Although mastering level 1 could be feasible in the remaining eight months, I decided to go for the level 2 test (5000 words, 1000 kanji). While I noticed that a lot of words from the past exam vocab list also appear in the chapters of the Naganuma book, it’s probably not enough.

The prep classes will be held twice a week from 13:30 to 15:10.


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