Snow! (this time for real)

No Photoshop, just creative usage of an umbrella 😉

Ok, so the first snow day wasn’t that impressive and I only had my Keitai camera with me. But today came some heavy snow and I decided to grab my Konica and head out to photograph Arai, Nakano ward in snow. Even the snow doesn’t change that the channel looks ugly. Maybe it will grow into a river someday, sometime after the next ice age.

But the park looked really nice, especially this one traditional house with a snow cap.


I continued my walk to Seibu-Shinjuku Numabukuro Station, which I used for a while to get to school. However, switching to a JR-only commuter pass and walking to JR Nakano meant paying less for the commuters’ pass so I don’t use Numabukuro Station that often anymore.



One comment

  1. Yea snow! Instead of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms, the tree in the last photo is bearing the little known snow blossoms. 😉

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