Seoul gets the Cologne Cathedral!

The left guy was surprisingly fast

Sorry Bläck Föös: You can sing “Mer losse d’r Dom en Kölle” (we let the cathedral stay in Cologne) all you want, but from next year on, the Cologne Cathedral will be in … Seoul.

After dancing for five minutes it was clear: Seoul gets the Cologne Cathedral…

When I left the N Seoul tower, the area in front of the tower was already prepared for the cheer squad consisting of Korean young men and women. They did everything that the Funkenmariechen during carnival are doing and they were dancing and cheering (to no one in particular) the whole time. The music consisted of some standard disco beats and some where in between, there was a quiz.

…and Cologne won’t even get a teddy bear in return

The price was a teddy bear and the host did some slapstick improvisations. The contestant’s girlfriend however was embarrassed to no end and hid her face most of the time – maybe it’s because her boyfriend didn’t win the teddy?

Since it was really cold that day, I left before the performance was finished.

So no lame comedy, a better cheer squad plus the Cathedral would fit in quite nicely into Seoul too – “Mer schicke d’r Dom nach Seoul!” Yep, sorry China, Korea gets the Cathedral but I’m pretty sure that the Chinese will make a great copy in no time. And for the people in Cologne: Cheer up, at least you can extend the central station – or move the musical theatre to the then empty space.


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