Seoul Olympic Museum of Arts

When you have very little time, you tend to choose places where you can do multiple things. Today I went to the Olympic Park, the park around the main site of the 1988 Summer Olympics. I took a different route and arrived at the SOMA (map) first, the Seoul Olympic Museum of Arts. It’s not exactly a MOMA but it had a decent collection of paintings, photos and installations. Entrance is 1000 Won for adults and there are some sculptures outside, just a tiny part of the big sculpture park which is situated in the rest of the Olympic Park. The special exhibition I saw at the SOMA was “Into Drawing”.

The SOMA is not that big and smaller than the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), which I didn’t visit.

Don’t know if that one was part of the exhibition. Like it though 😉


  1. Sounds and looks like Seoul is a cool place to go. Hope you enjoyed to trip.

    So how did the JLPT go? I’m sure if I’m patient enough there will be a post about it. 🙂

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