Japanese whispers

Freshly arrived in Tokyo I expected long rows of people a security expection and other things but everything went smoothly. With the newly attached visa, I’m now on page 8, still lots of pages with visas to fill, hehehe. An additional paper explains which activities I’m allowed to engage in with my Working Holiday Visa. While the text before the list is in English, the rest is in Japanese. The good thing is, I can’t imagine myself serving drinks at a restaurant either.

No inspection of my luggage either so I was sooner than expected at the Kesei Liner counter. I got a double ticket valid until Kamata and I had to put in both tickets at once in the gate. Ryokan Kangetsu is near Chidori-cho station (Tokyu Ikegami Line) and there is a good map on their web site. The Ryokan is not very expensive with standard rooms beginning at 5250 yen. WiFi costs an additional 300 yen per night and its a fast internet connection. There is also a computer in the lobby to use the internet for free.

The way up isn’t really made for trolleys but somehow I managed to reach the check-in counter. I don’t know if they have English speaking staff but what I do know is that they don’t know the chapters in the Japanese language books about hotel reservations 😉 The room itself is very nice; I reserved a Japanese-style one with a western bathroom. There is cable TV, a fridge and a table.

In the neighbourhood are various restaurants and a supermarket (Samitto, pictured below).



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