In June I started writing a list – the infamous list of places to visit, mostly consisting of cities within regional-express-range from Hamburg. One of them was Wismar, today’s day trip. Wismar was a member of the once powerful trade organisation Hanse. It is a small and compact town and once you arrive at the train station you are basically already in the central part. What surprised me was the sheer number of vegetarian/healthy living restaurants. I did count three which is quite much for a town of 45000 people.

The city is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and it has many beautiful buildings (the first picture shows the “Wasserkunst”) and you can even see some traces of the time when Wismar was under Swedish rule. The churches were impressive as well but because they were die for restoration, parts were closed.

Unsurprisingly, I ate at a vegetarian restaurant. Some rice, paprica, salad and spice – it takes so little to make me happy 😉 Unlike some other vegetarian restaurants, this one didn’t even offer soft drinks like Cola.

After that I went to the harbour where you could see various old ships, the Koggen.


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