The day before tomorrow


… or today 😉 The third day in school and of course I had sat down yesterday to lern kanjis and grammar. So I think I’m still a bit behind but it’s getting better. Currently, new kanjis are introduced each day meaning that we should reach the magic 1945 number in no time. I will probably go to Akiba this weekend to look for this new kanji education game aimed at kids. The two games are currently have are more for adults who want to refresh their kanji knowledge.

The train from Tabata to Shibuyaaaaa was a bit more crowded today. I don’t know if 8:10 am is still within the morning rush hour but there were a lot of people waiting for the trains. Still, I wasn’t squashed or something because the JR employees were controlling each door and stopped people from getting in after the train was full. There’s no pitty neccessary for the ones who have to wait because the Yamanote line’s train will arrive every 3-4 minutes.

Today’s topics: -te ha ikemasen (is not allowed), -te mo ii desu (is allowed), to iu no ha (for explanations of unknown things), and made/made ni. There were a few people missing today which is automatically a risk since you have to attend at least 80 percent of the lessons (and during the lesson, you need to have an attendance rate of 100 percent ;-)).


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