Black Van Experience

Huh, sounds like a cool band name doesn’t it? Sort of Hendrix-ish.
Sometimes some of the more right members of the Japanese society feel bored and then they decide to just stroll around in the city in a black van. Since black is a boring color, they put stickers and flags on the outside and in order to let everyone know what a big nice van they have, they will say funny things through the speakers such as “Buy Japanese tomatos!”. Their real political agenda is to return the emperor to his former power – which was according to most historians was never that great. Still, the emperor doesn’t seem to want more power so I wonder how they are going to force him? Anyway, the people in this particular black van had a particular message: Russia, give us back our isles!
The Japanese people looked happily bored though, but once the van had stopped and  an elderly man stepped onto the top to hold his speech, they all listened to him like they were hypnotised.
Of course, I should say that they had no other choice – the van was parking in front of a smoking area 😉 Clever people, they surely are 😉

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