The passport photo machine

I still need a few things for school, like, a school uniform 😉 Nah, one of the things I should bring with me are five passport photos which shouldn’t be too old. In the chaos before my departure I forgot to make them (which isn’t very hard since many train stations in Hamburg have a photo machine or two). Luckily, I found one in the neighbour ward (Kita-ku). There was a single sentence in English on the machine’s front saying something like “you need photos for your alien registration card”. ‘though a drawing would be way cooler, hehe ;-). Obviously the machine itself spoke no English but the illustrations were pretty obvious. Still, I sat there hoping that I didn’t choose the wrong option.
After receiving my photos I walked to the supermarket. Although there are more shops closed on Sunday, the supermarkets (and the Conbinis) are open. There were more people shopping today but I managed to find a few neccessities (like my low-fat milk, I cannot survive breakfast without milk).
The internet was offline for a few hours. It always goes off at the wrong time, I suppose. It started working again at 8 pm so I can update my blog again.
Tomorrow is the talk with the school, exciting exciting!


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