Aargh, the wallpaper is still breathing!

Today saw the death of the wallpaper – or so I thought before I tried to remove the last pieces. We went to my old apartment for another reason: A company called Willhelm Tell was authorised to install a new cable tv and internet connection. Of course, it will be of no use for me but still I had to open the door and wait for the cable guy (actually guys) to finish his job. While he was working, I shreddered the last pieces of the carpet while my mom cleaned the kitchen (merely for appearances, since they are going to wreck the kitchen and the bathroom anyway). When it became obvious that we didn’t have enough “white bags” (special plastic bags in which you can put up to 25 kilo of garbage – they are collected by the garbage men), my mom went to get some more. While she was away, I twisted off the cupboard in the bathroom and carried some of the white bags down. When she came back she told me that she went to the drugstore at the subway station Ritterstraße where they didn’t have the bags, then she went to the DIY store where they didn’t even know that such bags existed (as if there isn’t any garbage when you remove the wallpaper or work on your home!). Or maybe they have that magic formula to let garbage disappear – or at least teleport into the neighbours’ living room – not every waste can be put below the carpet.

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