Closet’s Day

Today was the day when the closet was finally build and it was ready to welcome both plain and celebrity clothes alike. The T-shirt’s were particularly happy to return to their old home, certainly because of their sheer number. The process of building up the closet was not without some difficulties though since some pieces of wood which looked like they could be part of the closet were actually part of some other piece of furniture – cupboard, table, whatever. A further interrogation was quite futile since wood can not talk and even it could it wouldn’t say a mouth because the fate of every piece of wood which did not belong to either the closet or the cupboard was the basement – uuuuaaah! Nevertheless we managed to spot two intruders which were quickly sorted out 🙂
For the first time my mom used a cordless screwdriver which is small, even a bit kawaii and very useful. There were already holes in the wood but we didn’t get all of them with the screws and the screwdriver sometimes went wiggy-waggy like a drunken elephant.


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This is my personal blog expressing my love for traveling (and living) in Japan, Korea and other parts of the world.

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