Berlin, Gardens of the World – Autumn Colors

Berlin Gaerten der Welt 55
Gardens of the World is in the Marzahn Recreational Park and used to be the Berlin Horticultural Show back in 1987. Horticultural shows have a long tradition in Germany, such as the bi-annual Bundesgartenschau. Extensive gardens are created or extended to attract tourists during such a show and unlike a trade show, the garden (or parts of it) usually remains.

Berlin Gaerten der Welt 37

True to its name, the Gardens of the World contains various gardens in different styles. There is a Chinese, Korean and Japanese garden, an oriental garden as well as others.

In Autumn, the Japanese and Korean garden offer a spectacular sight as the leaves turn red or golden.

Berlin Gaerten der Welt 50

The opening times for the theme gardens may differ from the opening times of the Gardens of the World. The latter is open from 9am until 4pm (November to February), 6pm (March, October) and 8pm (April to September). The bus line 195 stops at “Erholungspark Marzahn”.

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