Cologne – Mac Expo 2006

Mac Expo 2006 meant another trip for me to Cologne. That doesn’t mean that I was forced to travel, no, but I could meet some of my colleagues while having a nice trip to another city so that’s why I took the ICE to the fair today. Since I had already seen much of Cologne last year, I planned to visit another city today, but first I went to the fair.

The Mac Expo isn’t the place for big Keynote speeches or new product presentations. You can ask questions about your favorite program, watch product demonstrations and buy a few things for a special price. It’s similar to the Atari fairs I attended. But the Atari ones were more fun because I travelled in a group and knew many developers personally.

At least the company I work for had something innovative on their stand: vpaper, a flash application to read online text in an offline kind of way. It looked much better than it sounds 😉 There are also some stands demonstrating professional hardware gear. I don’t know exactly what each piece is doing, but they look, um, professional.


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