Apple in Japan

Apple in Japan  PowerMac G5
This isn’t a post about the Apple Store in Ginza, I’ve covered it in an earlier post. Walking around Akihabara, I’ve noticed many smaller Apple stores. Maybe the iPod halo effect is working here?

One of the biggest Apple resellers seems to be Mac Collection. They had the PowerMac G5 on display outside. Many of the electronic stores here are open to the outside presenting some of their goods there.

Apple in Japan  iPod mini

The iPod mini must do very good in Japan, since it’s available in different colors. Japanese customers like to have a choice of various colors.Then there are repair shops such as this one:

Apple in Japan  2004  11

For some other shops, time seems to stand still. Maybe this sign is all that’s left.

Apple in Japan  2004  04

And here’s an Apple clone. No, there are no real Mac clones available in Japanese. This calculator/calendar resembles the first iMac.

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