Transportation Museum (Railway Museum)

Railway Museum  Tokyo 2004  01
Walking through Akihabara, I came across this small museum called the Transportation Museum by Japan Rail. One locomotive and the Shinkansen was on display outside.

Inside their weren’t many big exhibits except the third class trains. Trains in Japan as well as other countries previously had more than two classes.

Railway Museum  Tokyo 2004  09

Since they don’t have enough space, they concentrate on model trains. This staffer who is fixing a train looks like a giant walking in a miniature world.

Railway Museum  Tokyo 2004  04The simulators were occupied by kids. Besides simulators and model trains, old station signs were on display.

The Transportation Museum was closed in 2006, moving to the new and much bigger Railway Museum in Saitama which opened in 2007.

Railway Museum  Tokyo 2004  08

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